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Royal Gardens

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The area of land in the town centre known as the Royal Gardens were formerly owned by the Royal Hotel and is adjacent to the Town Council’s Cenotaph. The owner of the hotel had secured planning permission for a cafe/ice cream parlour on the site but then offered the hotel for sale/lease and indicated that if a brewery obtained the property they could use the area for a beer garden. The Town Council and local community felt that this would not be a suitable use of the site, it being next to the War Memorial, the only open space in the centre of the town. The site had also become neglected by the owner and looked very untidy and overgrown which reflected badly on the town which relies heavily on tourism to sustain its economy.

The owner was therefore approached to ascertain if he would sell the land to the Town Council in order to protect it from development and maintain it as an amenity area for the benefit of the local community. The owner agreed and the site was secured by the Town Council in 2010 with a view to undertaking improvements to the site to reflect its significance in the town centre, its co-location with the War Memorial and the surrounding listed buildings situated in the core of the Llangollen Conservation Area.

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